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When your well water pump or sewer pump stops working, call American Mechanical & Plumbing. We service & Install water and sewer pumps.

Are you having problems with your well pump? Here are some signs your pump might need servicing.

Did you know:  We also install hand-driven well points for camps!

  • No Power
  • Pump Running Continuously
  • Discoloration in your water
  • Strange Smell In Your Water
  • Extreme Water Pressure
  • Lack Of Water Pressure

What To Do When Your Well Pump Fails

Your home’s water system may have abruptly ceased working for a variety of reasons.  It’s usually because there’s a problem with the well pump.  While a well pump’s average lifespan is 12 to 18 years, numerous components of the pump might fail, causing the well to stop providing water to your home.

Two Steps To Take:


First: Check The Circuit Breaker

circuit breaker panel openDue to a lack of power, your well pump may have ceased working. This can sometimes be fixed by resetting a breaker or replacing a fuse that has been damaged by a power surge or brownout.

If the circuit breaker for the well pump has tripped, the well pump may be failing. Breakers or fuses can also trip or blow due to partial shorts in the wiring or motor of the pump.

To be on the safe side, have a competent technician inspect the system’s components to ensure appropriate and safe operation. If electrical problems are not handled, they might become dangerous.

Locate the service panel and circuit breaker for your well pump to see if it is currently without electricity. Then turn the circuit breaker on and off again. This should not be done again since it may result in a fire hazard due to overheated wires.

If your well pump is still not working after making this swap, contact us to have the system analyzed. We will inspect the system to ensure that it is operating properly and safely.


Second: Check Your Pressure Tank

Water Pressure TankThe water pressure tank receives water from your well pump. An air bladder, or diaphragm, is located inside the tank and becomes compressed as water is pushed into it. Water is moved through your home’s pipes by the compression, or pressure, in the tank. This system is designed to prevent the well pump from having to run every time you turn on a faucet, which would cause it to fail prematurely.

Examine your pressure tank for a few moments. Is there anything off about it? A pressure tank can develop a variety of issues, like being waterlogged, breaking the air bladder, not having enough air pressure within, and so on. You may also notice that the tank has begun to rust or pit.

If you detect any unusual behavior, contact us and one of our experienced plumbers to determine the best course of action.


Providing Pump Repair Services Across Southern Maine

Pumps are essential to the function of your well and providing water to your home or business. It’s the pump’s job to suck water out of the ground at the bottom of a well and transport it up to your home or business, where it will be safe for human use. If any of the pump mechanisms happen to malfunction or break down, you will start to see issues with your water delivery or quality. Depending on the nature of the pump issues, you could be experiencing low flow rates, dirty water, air in the line, or no water flow period. If you see any problem along these lines, it can often mean an issue with your well pump.

Whatever problems you face with your well, you can count on American Mechanical & Plumbing’s pump installation and repair specialists to handle your needs with care and efficiency. We will ensure that your water pump is running correctly and that your schedule won’t be affected after any setbacks like a lack of household water. We service residential and commercial Gould pumps.

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